I am the author of The Celestine Chronicles, a fantasy series for middle grade readers.  Book I: The Rock of Ivanore came out in 2012, Book II: The Last Enchanter came out in 2013. Book III: The Seer of the Guilde will be released in 2016. My debut young adult novel, a sci-fi thriller called Contact will be released in 2016 with Evernight Teen Publishing.

I am also the author of The Crystal Keeper (an adult high fantasy series), The Storytellers (a middle grade historical novel), Teaching Kids to Write Well: 6 Secrets Every Grown-Up Should Know and The Kids' Guide to Writing Fiction (due out in 2016).

In addition to writing, I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Middle Shelf: Cool Reads for Cool Kids, a magazine for middle grade readers and the Senior Editor of Skyrocket Press.

I am a full-time homeschool mom of 5 kids, 2 of whom are grown-up now. I have a Master's degree in English from Cal State Northridge. I enjoy Broadway musicals, digital scrapbooking, genealogy, and ancient history.

The question I hear most often is "How do you find time to write?" In all honesty, I have no idea. I guess if I didn't write, I'd go nuts. My kids know that if Mommy doesn't get a little time to herself every day, she gets cranky. And when I get cranky, the only thing that can remedy the situation is a bar of Godiva chocolate.